Hyper-V Slow on Dell PowerEdge With Broad com adapters,

Recently come across slow performance from A Hyper-V Virtual server.  after troubleshooting the issue for a while i remembered that there are some ‘bugs’ within Broadcom adapters which come fitted to most Dell PowerEdge Servers,  after looking it up the issue is that the 1GB Broadcom adapters have Virtual Machine Queues enabled by default.

To fix it i Simply disabled  the setting on the NIC and on the Hyper-V Settings,  for more info see the great guide from  Alex Appleton; http://alexappleton.net/post/77116755157/hyper-v-virtual-machines-losing-network

Anyway Enjoy,


65 thoughts on “Hyper-V Slow on Dell PowerEdge With Broad com adapters,

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